Darren Christianson - Founder

Darren has worked in production and media ever since he took his first job in radio at age 15.  His life's been a rich tapestry woven in media, strategic management, and brand management,.  His personal mission statement is to simply "Elevate the Experience" for himself and others who seek to do the same.

BUILD is his current labor of love, and BUILD acts as his conduit to helping others "Elevate their experience" by ensuring  product, service and idea development is firmly balanced by form, function and a heart of service.

Michele Stans - Business Affairs

She's the Michele with only "ONE L".  For 25 years, Michele has been the voice of reason, logic and working order in corporate contract administration and negotiation. She's successfully plied her craft within the Entertainment, Hospitality and Healthcare industries.  When she's not righting and course correcting our ship she coaches professional women who want to make the leap from their current professions to doing the work and living the life that inspires them most.

Michelle Whitman - Creative Director / Brand Design Strategist

Michelle's entire "grown up" life has been centrally focused in design and creative strategy working with massive global brands and startups alike.  When she's not helping BUILD clients design beautiful things, she's stoking the creative fires at TotTails, which is her (and her duplicate sister Marsha,Marsha,Marsha's!) delightfully brilliant concept focused on entertaining young children, while instilling creativity, confidence, resiliency and a positive attitudes.  Check out Michelle's TotTails here.

Natalie Dyess - Client Engagement & Experience Developer

Natalie is one of those odd people that loves public speaking. She says, "It isn't the spotlight grabbing really, but rather I love the process of  sharing experiences and facilitating learning through that experience." 

Her passion for communication is enhanced by public speaking, writing, face-to-face communication, and collaboration.  She seeks to apply her talents of communication to inspire positive customer, employee, and community relationships within forward-thinking organizations.