For the Freelancer, Serial Entrepreneur, Consultant (The Solopreneur) who wants to get clear, get focused, and get certain in their lives and work.


  • Learn the Art of Designing the business and lifestyle you desire.
  • Learn the basic philosophies of Service & Strategy Design.
  • Define your "Personal Brand."
  • Clarify what is most important to you in life and work.
  • Clarify the answer to "What exactly do you do for others?"
  • Define exactly "Who" you serve and the "Real Value" you bring to them.
  • Develop a Strategy Blueprint for moving confidently forward.
  • Learn how to take on any Challenge in your new Strategy
  • Make commitments to yourself and follow through as your own #1 trusted advisor


Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Freenlancers, and any individual who is seeking clarity, focus and energy for what they want to experience in the world, and furthermore, what they seek to offer others through their work and lives.
The workshop should simply include you: a clarity seeking entrepreneur, freelancer, or Solopreneur.   It's all about you!



If you want to share this experience and the associated cost with other entrepreneurs like yourself, we are happy to accommodate up to three (3) additional individuals for the same workshop fee.  In fact, the scenario tends to work even better as each entrepreneur attending enriches the others by contributing to the pot of experience, ideas, knowledge, and ultimately the fun.

What's It Cost?

$ 4,500.00


  • Think Space / Studio Space for three (3) days.
  • Two (2) Facilitators:   One (1) Service Strategist & One (1) Certified Counselor/Coach
  • All necessary supplies and materials (pens, sharpies, sticky notes, tape, the works).
  • A Honest to Goodness Personal Mission Statement.
  • Personal Power Mantra & Focus Word!
  • Large Scale Strategy Blueprint to refer back to later.
  • Strategy Challenge Worksheets to help you climb over and/or delete self-imposed or non-priority challenges.
  • A Final Large Scale  Personal Vision, Mission, Brand and Strategy Action Board (To hang on your office wall).
  • Two (1) One Hour Follow Up Consultations to make sure you are staying the course and to assist with any course corrections.

SOLOS Participant Reviews & Comments

Susan F. - Voice Over Artist & Producer - Nashville, TN

"Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. I enjoyed the close one on one attention. I knew I wanted a strategy for my business, what I got was so much more."  -

Julie R. - Holistic Wellness & Physical Therapist - Nashville, TN

"I am so captivated as I now grow personally and professionally over the next year and months using my own service design. I have more clarity and desire to take daily and weekly steps to meet my goals and to be the compassionate healer to myself and others. This workshop exceeded my goals!"

Scott T. - Commercial Electric Contractor - Nashville, TN

" light my path and focused me on what really matters to me in my life and work.  Excellent experience!  Highly valuable."