• Learn and apply Service Design Thinking and Doing.
  • Learn how to design, prototype, test, and implement customer - focused service strategies that seek to deligh your customer.
  • Discover impact opportunities that can holistically improve the overall experience for employees, customers, vendors, partners, and investors.
  • Develop useful journey maps that provide deep understanding of how your customers, employees and vendor experience services and products as they are used and delivered.
  • Use Service design to align your organization by breaking down communication and operational barriers that impede your organization's ability to deliver consistent services and products to your customers.
  • Apply Service Design thinking to design, test, and strategize any new service or product, and visualize how your business can properly support new implementations.
  • Learn how to properly test and confirm customer conceptions of your company, service or products.
  • Learn how to quickly overcome challenges that may arise within your service strategy.


Small to Mid-Size Businesses that want to learn how to design, implement, test, and maintain modern service strategies for their company, products and/or services.

The workshop should include three (3) to six (6) key managers, employees or contractors of the company that might provide critical insight, input, and opinions during the workshop sessions.


Avg.  $ 7,500 +

Varies depending on the market scope, timelines,

technical requirements, participant numbers, and locations


  • Think Space / Studio Space for four (4) days
  • All necessary supplies and materials (pens, sharpies, sticky notes, the works)
  • Developed User Persona Profiles Printed.
  • Final Customer Journey Map(s) Printed Full Size
  • Final Ideation Illustrations & Prototypes developed and tested in the workshop and in real world scenarios with users.
  • Real World User Feedback Surveys & Results Reports
  • Service Implementation Strategy Development
  • Strategy Challenge Worksheets with Instructions
  • Four (4) Hours of Follow Up Consultation after the Workshop to discuss and finalize any service design, testing, and/or implementation issues.