• Find Your Voice and Use It Powerfully.   We will uniquely define what your company is broadcasting to the world at large.
  • Establish Your Internal Cultural Message. We will explore and establish definitive principles of your company's culture, and how it interacts with employees, contractors and vendors.
  • Who Is Your Ideal Customer and Why?  We will identify customers that LOVE what you do, tell their friends and come back for more.
  • Identifying Your Real Value to Customers.  Real Value runs deep and we will extract what is truly important to your ideal customer and why.  We will also begin to develop ways to serve them best.
  • Developing A Mission Statement that Matters.  Anyone can have a mission statment, but few have one's that are put to work everyday.  We will create a one sentence mission statement that says it all.  It will motivate, clarify, inspire, and keep all areas of your business aligned and moving in the right direction at a ever step of the way. Now and into the future.
  • Develop A Comprehensive Brand and Identity System.  We'll synthesize all that we learned from our sesssions into a unique and powerful brand board that will help you stand out in the world with singularity.  It's more than colors, styles, looks and feels, It's a brand, a way of life, a message to the world that Broadcasts all your company is and hopes to be.


Small to Mid-Size Businesses that want to learn how to design, implement and maintain professional brand strategy for their company, products and/or services.

The workshop should include three (3) to six (6) key managers, employees or contractors of the company that might provide critical insight, input, and opinions during the workshop sessions.


$ 5,000 - $10,000

Varies depending on the market scope, timelines,  technical requirements, participant numbers, and locations


  • Studio Space for two (2) days
  • All necessary supplies and materials (pens, sharpies, sticky notes, the works)
  • Completed Comprehensive Brand Boards / StyleScapes / Brand Guide
  • Brand Discovery Worksheets with Instructions
  • Large Scale Brand Strategy Worksheets
  • Large Scale Strategy Challenge Worksheets
  • Light Snacks and Beverages
  • Two (2) Hour Follow Up Consultation after the Workshop to discuss and finalize any brand or strategy implementation issues.